Horace Francis is the Director of the company and This is some of his business objectives


Our Business Vision:

Inspired Succeed is a community to educate and motivate children and young people of both the black (African, Caribbean and Asian) community in Nottingham to reflect a positive dimension to lead on our behalf tomorrow through positivity validating our experiences and drawing upon our enriched backgrounds, engagement, training and development achievement. Effectively work in collaboration with partnership agencies.

We want to Raise Awareness of abuse, crime, mental health, underachievement and Digital Literacy. But also our history, religion and cultural values through working collectively and not in isolation in campaign/issue-based work. We want to practice in the hope to work towards establishing a United Nottingham Community within all its diversity, we should not suppress each other because of our internalization.

Since starting Inspired Succeed CIC. We have met and worked with young people to engage in workshops that courage them to participate educational activities throughout their school holidays. This community has been a big success and still working Strong till this day and receiving New comers to be apart of this programme.

“Our Mission is to inspire and educate children and young adults and families using our stepping stone model for mentoring and life coaching. This provides motivation and synergy in order for anyone to reach their true potential from a premise of internal transformation and beyond.”

We Believe that young people deserve a safe space to spend their summer holidays. our qualified adults can give them new opportunities to learn new skills at our programmes to support each other, identify organizations / projects operating within the diverse Nottingham Community and offering on going support for further development. This is to develop or sustain trust and credibility – enable us to unite strengthen our community and stop fighting amongst ourselves and concentrate on unity and a total solidary perspective.

Inspired Succeed CIC we are very aware and recognise this is both a symptom and a challenge of 21st century life, with all parents having hectic schedules and busy lives. It is not easy being a parent and balancing everything. That is why inspired Succeed CIC is for parents as well as the kids. so if there is anything we can do to help, we can do. Let us know of your ideas to help parents and build a community support around how we help our young enjoy and experience healthy lifestyle. Suggest group days out and other sessions such as a easier birthday parties, coffee mornings and play dates and we will oblige.

Inspired Succeed is the sponsor of Pyhain football Club, Pat Samba Fitness and partnership in community training with FYA