The joy of sports is that it provides an unrivalled sense of fun, dreams and togetherness that is rarely matched for girls and boys. At inspired succeed CIC we inspire kids and parents together t enjoy a simple, yet structured introduction to a number of sports including football, rugby and basketball, that is fun and challenging whilst developing all those skills that dreams are made of. We focused on creating a warm , friendly and inclusive learning enviroment across all age groups.

Football Classes for kids & other sports options with Inspired Succeed CIC

We provide a number of classes including football classes for kids and other sporting, options designed around different children’s age group, not only focusing on the development of their sporting abilities, but also on their general life and groups behaviour skills. The experience improves children confidence, communication skills and sense of enjoyment.

To learn more about our specialist age groups, please select one of the links below….

Kickers – 3 years to 5 years

Strikers – 5 years to 7 years

Academy – 7+ years

Each class comes complete with two coaches to ensure that every child receives some all important one on one tuition, which is essential to help them along and feel part of the gang. We find with our attention to every little person, even the shyest child soon feels comfortable and happy with their new sets of friends.

There is a growing outcry for affordable, professionally run sports programmes like outs to give impressionable young minds that all important first taste of sport, a fast paced first introduction that official stats prove time and again to be pivotal in children adopting a more physically active outlook for life.

Why choose Inspired Succeed CIC for football classes for kids?

Emphasis on fun (& Dreams) so as to inspire and build children’s confidence and sense of well being. Our goal is to build excitement and the passion for running about and playing with the ball. It is fun not push, a positive experience where all children are encouraged, complimented and taught how to succeed. In every session every child gets to score a goal. It is al designed around the objective of a fun filled pre school football programme executed in a friendly, pressure free enviroment. At the end of each session the kids get a little reward for being so good!

Working in Nottingham, we all have first hand experience of professional football, so we know what it takes to be the best. To find out more and to book a session,

Call us on 07539610819