Inspired Succeed CIC & partners Fearless Youth Association launch stop & search research in Nottingham

Inspired Succeed CIC will be undertaking research throughout May and June exploring the incidence and perceptions of stop and search checks and procedures on young people within Nottingham city centre and Nottinghamshire. Partnering with Fearless Youth Association, the research will shed light on how the police use stop and search techniques among young people and how the nature these interaction can inform future policy making.

Led by Inspired Succeed CIC’s Horace Francis and community researchers from Fearless Youth Association. Other partners include Inspired Succeed, Mojatu, Genius Clothing and FMB Radio.

This research is aimed at reducing harm and negative interaction between young people and the police. We want to ensure the safety of our young people and their confidence in the police and reporting crime. It is our hope that the dissemination of this research, including any future recommendations will be an effective tool local policy makers regarding interactions between young people and Nottingham police. This is a preliminary phase of what we hope to become a more broadly researched area regarding police and citizen interactions, and that secondary phases of this research project will contribute towards building trustworthy and positive interaction between young people and the police in Nottingham.

The Main focus of this research is to garner insights of community perceptions towards the police during stop and search procedures, and to use this information to help inform how young people can develop their confidence working with the police during stop and search situations. Likewise, to help police feel informed about young people’s perceptions of stop and search scenarios and make stop and search checks as positive as possible, for both police and citizens.

This research is coming at an important time as Nottingham city recognises knife crime as a public health issue and plans to tackle the problem through early interventions and education. Thus, with the numbers of stop and searches increasing on the streets, Inspired Succeed CIC & FYA are providing knowledge of young people’s rights and how to work better with the police.

In an effort to encourage young people to take part in our research and ensure they receive some immediate benefit for their participation. We will be offering free literature on citizens rights during stop searches, as well as the possibility of free inner city bus passes. We hope this will go some way to having an immediate positive impact on our young citizens and encourage them to take a positive stance on research and policy regarding policing.

Horace Francis, who is leading this collaboration said, “i’m hoping this research can help to develop trust and confidence between the police and young people. we want to be able to use properly collected data to share our findings about the current situation in stop and search to be able to effectively tackle knife crime when stop and search increases. We want young people to feel empowered to understand their rights when stopped by police.”

“This research is really timely given that stop and search is a major cause of concern among the BME communities due to poor experiences among individuals in their dealing with the police. Increase in stop and search without better understanding of its effects is bound to have negative effects in police work hence reducing their ability to tackle knife crime and gang violence. It is vital that we take action to create Narratives and media stories that increase understanding and confidence about the police among the young people.” Said Valentine Nkoyo CEO of Mojatu Foundation, another partner in this research.

“This project will ensure that we gain a better insight on the quality of stop and search in the city. This will help us give young people the tools to interact with the police in a positive manner, by equipping them with the skills and the knowledge to handle situations where they are stopped and searched,” said Angela Wathoni, FYA project manager.

Alongside involving young people across Nottinghamshire, the team will be providing information about young people’s rights when interacting with the police and when stopped and searched.

for the next six weeks, teams from the partner organisations and local communities will take to the streets to speak with young people across Nottinghamshire and ask them to fill out a short questionaire based on their experience of stop and search situations.

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